Clean Co-working Spaces

Coworking Space Coworking Space
Ryan Greenawald
Director – Facilities and Machines Marketing
Mar 04, 2019

Increasingly, people who work remotely are looking for inspiring places to complete their tasks and assignments. In fact, there are more than 14,000 co-working spaces worldwide today and the number of members is expected to reach 5.1 million by 2022.


To keep up with evolving methods of work, more and more hotels are designing enticing co-working areas. These common areas are offering free Wi-Fi, access to restrooms and a selection of food and drinks for purchase. Gone are the days of traditional business centers. In their place are laid-back atmospheres that welcome hotel guests and even locals who have no intention of booking a room.


Consider the following best practices for maintaining clean and welcoming co-working spaces:


  1. Use quieter vacuums to limit disruption. Many remote workers can be productive amidst the conversations of others, but a vacuum presents an annoyance for anyone who is trying to focus. Today, there are vacuums available that operate at a lower decibel. For example, the TASKI AERO range offers patented, ultra-silent whisper technology, operating at or below 63db in Eco Mode.
  2. Clean high touch surfaces on a regular basis. With the potential for more traffic in your hotel’s lobby, it’s essential to ensure that high touch surfaces and items like counters, shared desks and communal office supplies are being properly cleaned. Regularly wipe off these surfaces with a fast-acting disinfectant to remove bacteria.
  3. Make products and procedures easily accessible. To quickly and easily clean co-working spaces, employees need the right products and procedures. A well mapped out cleaning program with the right chemicals can make all the difference in terms of results and speed. This will both improve visitor satisfaction and employee engagement.


As more hotels develop co-working spaces, it’s crucial that these areas always look their best throughout the day. The above strategies can ensure that visitors feel welcome and productive and visit your property repeatedly to take advantage of co-working amenities.


To discuss ways to improve your hotel’s cleaning program, contact your Diversey representative.